Can you quickly reach a collaborative divorce settlement agreement?

Before you sign . . . let us help you analyze your agreement to calculate the money you will each have to spend over your lifetime and provide a post-divorce lifetime financial plan for each of you.

We can analyze multiple agreements to find win-win solutions.


We Analyze:

Living Standard

Calculate your post-divorce living standard – the money you each will have to spend throughout your lifetime


Help determine if the deal is fair for each spouse

Win-Win Solutions

Find win-win solutions that help you both

Financial Plan

Provide a post-divorce lifetime financial plan for each spouse


Help assess if you can maintain your current lifestyle

What people are saying

The brilliant team provided me with a personalized financial forecast that empowered me to better negotiate the terms of my collaborative divorce.
Wanda Doles
Duxbury, MA

The most accurate projections of any planning product I’ve seen.
Rick Miller
Financial Planner, Waltham, MA

It was very helpful to me in finalizing my offer. I had been too generous and not fair to myself; your analysis helped me see the trade-offs.
Kevin Mahon
Atlanta, GA

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